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You can try our tasty and delicious signature dishes or customize your own poke bowl. You can order our signature dishes online as a poke bowl or a sushi burrito. Place your order now!

About Moana Pok├ębowls

Moana Poke Bowls was created from a love of poke and a desire to share a piece of Hawaiian culture with everyone. We have a passion for fresh, healthy, and delicious food. We prepare our poke with fresh seafood. We offer a wide variety of choices. You can order them online from our website.

We use fresh and superior quality ingredients when preparing our poke. We source all our products and ingredients from local vendors. We serve sustainably caught fish, local chicken, and veggies. Our poke is ideal for any occasion, including family gatherings, parties, etc. Our delicious signature dishes include Moana Poke Special, Moana Protein Plus, Moana Spicy Tuna, Moana Vegetarian, Poke Crunchy Chicken, Moana Classic Shrimp, and Poke Beef Special. Just choose one of our creations and enjoy it with your friends and family.

With Moana Poke Bowls, you can also build your own poke bowls. Just select the ingredients you like and customize your own poke bowl. We can serve a poke bowl with your choice of brown rice or white sushi rice. Please get in touch with us to order your poke bowl online. You can call us directly if you have any questions about our products.

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Mobile : 0465004444
Landline : 050666111



Vlamingstraat 31, 8000 Brugge,Belgium

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